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These couples will be drawn closer to each other by physical attraction and strong desires.However, Scorpio rarely lets Ram to enjoy total freedom, which is a basic need for him.Though the personalities of both are completely different, there would be better warmth here because the aggressive nature of the Aries man would draw the Scorpio female.The mysterious ways and deep passion of the Scorpio female would be liked by the Aries man.Aries and Scorpio relationship will prove to be beneficial if they tend to work together rather than working against each other.Nevertheless, both of them love to have the batons of power in their hands.and Susan Levin This relationship has one of the highest levels of compatibility than any other combination as far as romance and passion are concerned.

Much action, trust and mutual admiration of the other can be seen here.

Security and respect are rarely drawn out of Scorpio and Aries, so it’s a good thing these two can push each other’s buttons to achieve those exact two elements.

To the rest of us, the heights of emotion, passion and anger seem like madness bordering on violence.

Each acts as a restraint for the other and hence the relationship would be kept under tethers without straying a bit.

• Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, • Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, • Robert Downey, Jr.

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