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All of this is strangely familiar; the outlines of "Brazil" are much the same as those of 1984, but the approach is different.

While Orwell's lean prose was translated last year into an equally lean and dour film, "Brazil" seems almost like a throwback to the psychedelic 1960s, to an anarchic vision in which the best way to improve things is to blow them up.

Sam knows his life is drab and lockstep, but he sees no way out of it.Society is controlled by a monolithic organization, and citizens lead a life of paranoia and control.Thought police are likely to come crashing through the ceiling and start bashing dissenters. The hero of "Brazil" is Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce), a meek, desperate little man who works at a computer terminal all day.See more » The only credits at the start of the film were the preliminary studio credits, a credit for Gilliam, and the title.(Although commonplace today, the lack of full opening credits was still unusual in 1985).

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