Is simon cowell dating paula abdul 2016

As well as making the trip to Los Angeles especially for the finale himself, Simon arranged for judges past and present united on stage, as did previous winners.But the biggest coup was probably when the actual President of the United States – yes, the Barack Obama – gave his own fond farewell to the show.He managed to earn a position as an assistant to an A&R executive at EMI in 1979, where he was promoted and given the job of talent scout.Cowell left EMI during the early 1980s to form E&S Music with his boss at EMI, Ellis Rich.Then it all started to get a bit serious and Paula [Abdul] left and then it just wasn’t the same to me.” Paula really did add an oft-whimsical dimension to the panel — she had that “x factor,” if you will. To find out what Simon has to say about The Voice, and whether he thinks his opinionated judge archetype helped usher Donald Trump to bigger fame, check out the full interview over at the NY Times.Cowell also admits some missteps with the American incarnation of in its heyday, he says disappointing numbers incited too many changes and hobbled the series. At least for me, the show was never the same because she and I had such a connection and such a shorthand together.” Cowell said he is still close with the other co-stars, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest.

Cowell attended school at Dover College, but dropped out at 16.

KELLY CLARKSON AND CARRIE UNDERWOOD TO PERFORM AT 'AMERICAN IDOL' FINALE But it was Cowell’s role as “the mean judge” that set him apart — and was something that never really sat well with him, he said.

“To be honest I found that to be embarrassing,” of his reputation.

He worked as a record producer, talent scout and consultant within the music industry before producing the hit British TV show Simon Phillip Cowell was born on October 7, 1959 in London, England.

His father, Eric Philip Cowell, was an estate agent developer and music industry executive.

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