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This morning I caught up with Mangala from Mystic Sex to ask a few questions about her courses at Pulse Brunswick.What I am really passionate about is the thread between the mystical and the divine and sexuality.There will be no shrugging of the shoulders and tossing around the word "hard-wired" to rationalize women disappointing male expectations of passionate monogamous sex.Instead, as Bergner writes, a ton of money is being spent on developing a drug women can take to restore their desire for their husbands.This doesn’t necessarily translate into infidelity—a choice many reject because it’s so hurtful—but, Bergner reports, spouse-weary women often just avoid sex altogether.Add to that the study Bergner cites showing women respond to novelty in pornographic fantasies, and another showing that women are much more turned on by fantasies of sex with strangers than friends.I am not sure what you include in "rough sex," but I am presuming it does not involve the intention to inflict enduring physical pain or bruising. Good sex is always an interplay of a certain kind of pain and pleasure, and the boundary between them is as organically ever-shifting as our moods.If the sex is hurtful to either person, if it is used by a partner to achieve his goals at the cost of your safety, it is debasing and demeaning.

, women are far more likely to lose interest in sex with their partners.

When Good2Go launched last month, I tested it out and concluded that it was impractical (who wants to fill out a four-minute horniness/sobriety quiz before having sex?

) and insecure (the app kept a database with sexual consent records that could be accessible by law enforcement).

Women outnumber men when it comes to higher education.

But hear me out on why young people should consider sex ratios before accepting their first job—and also why Silicon Valley recruiters should turn these ratios to their advantage.

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