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Most of these cards date from 1905 to the early 1920s; some are more recent. Mobile, Ala.: sailboats on Mobile Bay, L C U Mobile, Ala.: Bienville Cross, Bienville Square L C U Mobile, Ala: Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.

L C U Los Angeles, Calif.: "A Sunday ride in West Lake Park,"C G PM 1909, San Francisco, Calif.: Chinese Theatre, 623 Jackson Street, Chinatown, PM 1906 (from Mass.), C UN San Francisco, Calif.: City Hall, view from Jefferson Square, Eddy and Gough Streets, PM 1906 (from Mass.) Santa Cruz Tree Grove, Calif.: "Cathedral -- Biggest Tree in the World." PM 1906 UN C Multicolor "A Merry Christmas" medieval manuscript-style, with lines from old carol, "Heap on more wood, the wind is child, But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still." PM 1911 Ansonia: Ansonia High School. 12 different Bridgeport scenes, all 100 or so years old. Bethel: Very early view of center, with fountain, buildings.

Thanks so much Buddy I know people will hate me for saying this, the last one of these that I had that was running slowly or poorly, I did the quick wash with lighter fluid then oiled what pivots I could get to and the little sucker is a very reliable and almost accurate timekeeper.

Older thread I realize, but I did a Google search as I had the same problem with a Biltmore pocket watch, and that worked perfectly! My dad keeps telling me he had one of these pocket watches as a kid so I won him one off the big auction site since they don't go for much money to give him for his birthday.

A properly functioning hunter case has a latch, usually made of steel, which catches on the rim of the front cover, usually made of gold or gold-plated brass, and keeps the cover closed.

To open the watch, you depress the crown (the winding knob) which is connected through a spring to the latch.

They had a lift lever accessed by removing a screw below the stem and with a pick you could lift up the lever and the stem would come out.

There are also cards related to the military, railroads, covered bridges, ships, and more. I can email JPG previews of the cards, but please do not ask for these unless you are a serious buyer; it takes time to scan and process images and these cards are priced very low so they can find good new homes.

Having originally purchased their movements from various sources, in 1865 the firm decided to establish their own movement making facility.

A hardware shop was moved onto a piece of land owned by the firm and veteran clockmaker Anson L.

Maybe I'll seek out a local watch smith and see what's involved. If that's 1957 I guess I assumed it was older Thanks again Buddy This dollar watch had issue with pulling out to set time is kinda common. The fix was to slightly ever file little slope to the worn spot of detent lever that pin pushes on so pin can slide along instead of jamming and drop into a "slot" to lock it into time setting position.

The plate detent lever is soft metal and wore rapidly. This discussion helped me learn quite a bit about this family watch.

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The Pocket Watch Database has compiled data covering the major American pocket watch manufacturers and created an easy way to find information using the serial number on the watch movement.

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