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If you're unfamiliar with this concept, the often-used analogy of an apartment building may help to clarify.

If you think of the building as an application's process, each apartment is a distinct area in which a COM object can be created.

This article will help you understand: At the end of this article, I include a list of books and other articles that I've found to be very helpful.

For brevity, I skip over some of the details that they discuss so well.

Our platform's many add-ons let you extend your spiders in clicks.

Among them, our smart proxy rotator (Crawlera) helps you bypass bot countermeasures so you can crawl large sites faster.

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You can browse it and share it with your team from your dashboard, or consume your data in your app using our API.Learn more Tell us about your project Scrapy Cloud, our cloud-based web crawling platform, allows you to easily deploy crawlers and scale them on demand – without needing to worry about servers, monitoring, backups, or cron jobs.It helps developers like you turn over two billion web pages per month into valuable data.Based on your browsing habits, Zen sets out in search of new topics of interest, adding intriguing articles, photo galleries, and video to your feed, and leading you to discoveries you wouldn't have made on your own.Our cloud based platform, combined with our global workforce of 900,000 Clickworkers, ensures rapid processing of your data delivering quality-assured results.

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