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I chose my car as it matches the serenity of the island. It would be great around town and it's perfect for somewhere like Hawaii, a sporty runaround – just put the roof down and off you go. And the Jeep Wrangler [see overleaf] is great off-road. Our Lost stuntman once had a vehicle flip on top of his car – and no, it wasn't meant to happen. When the series began, the cast used to sit around and come up with theories, but they were shot to pieces quite quickly.

It's a white BMW 530i and I like the fact it's cute and sturdy. He was driving along when two cars collided with each other – one of them flipped over and landed right on top of him. By the time the second season began, we gave up trying.

As Sun Kwon, one of 48 survivors of the crashed Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, she has gone through plenty of turbulence herself, suffering physical abuse at the hands of her husband Jin Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim), having her affair with a lover in Korea uncovered, being kidnapped by Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and discovering she is pregnant despite her husband's apparent sterility (although Lost being Lost, the baby turns out to be his). The meek and mild character of Sun is something of a departure for Yunjin, who has forged a reputation in her native South Korea as an action star, after playing leads in ultra-stylish, heart-stopping films such as Gingko Bed 2 and Shiri – the latter being the film that brought her to the attention of Lost's producers. The most gorgeous car I've driven is a silver Mercedes-Benz SL55. When I first came to LA, a family friend said I could borrow one of his cars.

Kim has remarked that in her zeal to become Americanized quickly, she studied acting, academics and pronunciation with equal intensity.

She is also a trained dancer and martial arts fighter.

South Korea-born American theatre and film actress Yunjin Kim is one of the very successful actress and her inspiring performances in the TV shows and movies has earned her fame, respect and good money.

She is best known for her performance on the American television series Lost where she portrayed the character of Sun.

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Similarly, she is known for her role in South Korean film Shiri as spy Bang-Hee.

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