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However, his romantic link-up with one woman in particular has drawn a lot of media attention recently; Japanese actress/model Nana Komatsu. It has been a year since the Hallyu stars are linked to each other this was after multiple signs coming ouot that GD and Taeyeon might not only be colleagues in the music industry.Earlier, G-Dragon's private Instagram account was hacked and several of his photos with Nana were leaked online.This further fuelled rumours about the BANG BANG BANG rapper and the actress' relationship.The 20-year-old actress is rumoured to be dating Japanese actor, Masaki Suda.

In 2015 fan theories arose suggesting that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk were dating.

Like Gdragon said in ‘knock out’ “all my scandals, wait for me” and they sure do when we cover all the dating rumours that have surrounded GD ever since his debut.

Kim Jinah is ballerina and a daughter of a important and rich figure in Korea.

Though there were piled of speculations, the strongest one is about GD and Taeyeon.

Many fans have already speculated that the two singers are in a secret relationship but then again, there are still fans who think that these reports are bogus.

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