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After collecting some cool gear, it only made sense to join creative forces with fellow vintage fans Tia Elisabeth and Jessica Wu to produce this photo spread alongside a secondhand shopping guide.

If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, I urge you to make a stop at one (or all) of the destinations below — GIF lookbook creation optional.

Unlike the previous New Metallics trend which I initially thought was a challenge to pull off (until I actually tried it), I knew I wouldn’t have too worry at all this month.

I’ve always considered my personal style to be 3 things – classic, feminine, and…

“I would ship a Harley over and just ride around until someone offered to buy it, always for at least twice what I paid.

Then I would go back to the States and bring over another.” But his customers had other wants beyond bikes, “They would always tell me, ‘bring back some When I sold the jeans at flea markets, I noticed vintage collectors digging through piles of Levi’s and pulling out the ones with the capital E on the back tab—they’d sometimes get in fights over them.

The amazing Luke Deverell - Collaboration between @darnanddusted and @shackletonbags.

But, there are a few standby styles that we always come back to: dark skinnies, worn-in boyfriends, and high-rise leg-lengtheners.

That’s when I realized there might be some money in this stuff.

When Brit got seriously into the game in the late ’90s and early 2000s, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition and he could still happen upon a “big-game” find in a thrift store.

The primary market for old jeans was with Japanese vintage collectors, “these guys would pay upwards of ten thousand bucks for a pair and wear these eighty to a hundred year old jeans on the street.” But soon, the mainstream trends changed and the rest of the fashion world wanted a piece of the heritage action.

Before, most of Brit’s clients were individuals who wanted the pieces for wearing or collecting.

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See the experience first hand in the gallery above!

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